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When a Squirrel Tries To Steal a Photographer’s Pumpkins…


Well known british photographer Max Ellis is an expert when it comes to photographing squirrels in a staged shot. This isn’t the first time Max has setup several scenes for his furry friends outside.

Obviously, a squirrel wouldn’t be able to carry a pumpkin. Max actually suspends them with fishing line. There is no editing done to his pictures besides occasionally removing the fishing line in the images with suspended objects. Ellis gets the squirrels to pose for pictures by leaving them treats in places that will guide them to interact with his staged props. The pics turned out awesome and definitely worth a peek in celebration of today being Halloween!

More info: maxphotographic.com | 500px.com | blipfoto.com




squirrel-steals-carved-pumpkin-max-ellis-5 (1)


[Source: Bored Panda]

Do you have any fun animal photos for Halloween? Post them in the comments below!

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