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Social Media Meta Tags: Why You Should Use Them


Believe it or not, there is such a thing as social media meta tags. And no, they are not useless. Most of you probably know that meta information is data embedded on your site for use by search engines, web browsers, and various other online services. The use of meta data makes it extremely easy for you to tell search engines or web browsers what your site is about, and what is exactly on that page. Social media meta tags are no different. Have you ever shared a link from your blog onto your Facebook page and the image preview is the WordPress symbol and the words are some random thing your blog is not even about? It is annoying, right? Well these social media meta tags take care of just that.

Facebook Open Graph

When you are posting links on Facebook, you probably notice that sometimes your links may contain pictures like the example below:


And other times a link may look like this:


This is due to the fact that Facebook always trys to automatically read what is on your webpage. Unfortunately, they do not always have the right information. If images show up in the links you post to Facebook you will notice a HUGE spike in the amount of traffic generated from that share.

At this point your are probably wondering, how do we set this up? Well, thankfully if you use WordPress there is a plugin that will do all the work for you. You can download it here.

However, if you do not use WordPress, you will have to insert the meta tags manually. This is fairly simple and I have provided a template you can use. Just insert on the page or post and fill in the content with your information and get using these awesome social media meta tags.

Twitter Card

Just like Facebook, Twitter also has their own way of reading a webpage’s content. Do you ever see Twitter posts like the following example? They are known as “Twitter Cards.”


Well, to achieve this is very simple. I have created a simple html format you can use below. Just simply insert this code and fill in the content with your own. Easy as pie. (Do not edit the “summary” content)

The value of social media meta tags is incredible. Everyone should be using them. They are extremely easy to implement AND you will drive a larger amount of traffic to your site by having stylish posts on your social media platforms.

If you have any questions or comments, please post below.

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