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ShootQ Promo Code – 50% Off


Hey guys, so I am sure a lot of you use ShootQ as your preferred studio management. If you are anything like me, you constantly look for a good deal, and when I found this ShootQ promo code, it solidified my decision to go with them. Though I am a quite a big fan of ShootQ, there are still a lot of things that I personally would like to see ShootQ implement, but for the most part it makes my life super simple when booking clients. The ability to sign contracts and collect payments online is a convenience that I just can not pass up. I have looked at a lot of different studio management programs and have tested several out, ShootQ ended up being the one I went with.

With the starter package, ShootQ gives you the first month for free. This was the time that I used to test out the program and make sure it was exactly what I wanted. I should also mention I tested out Táve, Studio cloud, and Pixifi, None of the others really worked for me.  I will be doing a thorough review of all pretty soon, so make sure you follow us on Facebook for updates.

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In order to get 50% off, use this ShootQ promo code. It is good for the next 24 hours: 50OffToday.

UPDATE** Unfortunately, there is no longer a coupon code available and it has expired. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter (links in the sidebar) to get updates when the promo code is available again. We will be posting it right away. Remember, you can also try it out by using the free 1 month free trial that they offer. This was the time I took to try it out and realized it was everything I was looking for at the time, despite the few things I still would like to see. I highly suggest trying it out for yourself. 


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