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Shootproof Promo Code


There is nothing better than saving money. That is why I decided to share this exclusive Shootproof Promo Code with you guys! For those of you who aren’t familiar with this service, I have decided to give a brief explanation below.

What is Shootproof?

Shootproof is a way for photographers to sell, print, and share their photographs from all types of devices and platforms. They allow you to easily upload your photos directly from catalog programs like Lightroom. This makes things much more organized and easier. The fact that you can store your photos off site is essential to proper back ups. This allows you to always have a safeguard in place incase anything was to ever happen to your computer or hard drive.


The following is a brief overview of just some of the features Shootproof offers to their customers. It is an extremely valuable resource to have under your belt.


  • Clients can view, favorite, and purchase photos from any device including iPhone and iPads.
  • You can customize the gallery design.
  • Several ways to dis play your images to clients.
  • You can allow clients to share their images across social media and can decide whether or not to allow it.
  • Create beautiful digital albums that your clients can view from iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8+.
  • Protect your work using a custom or default watermark.
  • The ability to use your own domain.
  • Collect email addresses when people visit or during events and send mass email alerts and updates.


  • Process credit cards securely and also offer clients the ability to pay later through financing options using Paypal Credit or similar.
  • You set your own prices on your products and lab fulfilled products.
  • Run promotions by offering customized promo codes for clients.
  • Allow clients to purchase digital downloads of images.


  • You can now choose your own lab through Shootproof or choose that your items are self fulfilled.
  • Offer many different products including; prints, canvases, metal prints, phone cases, magnets, buttons, keychains, etc. and custom self fulfilled products.
  • Up sell with boutique style packaging and more.
  • Blind drop ship. This means your clients will receive their products without any labeling form the printer.


Below is a brief overview of the basic plans they offer. If you are a huge studio, there are much larger plans for purchase.

Shootproof Promo Code


Promo Code

Use the following promo code (30PHOTO) for 30% off your first month’s subscription. This code is good for the next 48 hours. Let us know if you have any issues!

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