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Sensor Gel Stick: A Must Have for Sensor Cleaning

Review of: Sensor Gel Stick

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On February 6, 2014
Last modified:April 2, 2016


The Sensor Gel Stick is a safe and easy way to keep your camera sensors clean. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

I have got to admit, I was pretty excited when I saw this product. Why? Well now I can save so much money by cleaning my own sensor. Yes, I am a cheap skate! The Sensor Gel Stick is a fairly new product to the U.S. market. I was surprised to read that it is actually used by companies like Nikon and Leica to clean sensors when people send them their cameras for cleaning.

Previous to the finding of this Sensor Gel Stick, I always sent my cameras in for cleaning. I was way too worried about messing something up with the wet sensor cleaning method. It always seemed too risky. I know a few photog-friends who cleaned their own sensor, but I never attempted it and always sent it in to Nikon. I recently realized for the past few years I have really been slacking in sending the cameras in for cleaning. It wasn’t cause I was lazy, but because I was tired of paying all that money to have them cleaned. This is when I decided to check out cleaning my camera’s sensors on my own and found the sensor gel stick.

What I immediately liked most about the sensor gel stick is the fact you are not using a cleaning liquid or brush. Instead, you are using a sticky gel substance to pickup up the dust on your sensor. I also noticed right away that the risk of scratching your sensor is minimal since you use an up and down “patting” motion when using the stick.

The most noticeable perk to using the gel stick is how clean the sensor is afterwards. Talking to friends who have used the other methods of sensor cleaning, they said that there was always spots they missed or some kind of smudge left from cleaning. With the gel stick there was nothing. The kit also comes with wipes to clean the gel so you are not using “dirty” gel to clean your sensor.

Honestly, I can’t think of a single reason I would not suggest this to someone. The fact that this exact product is used by the very people who built your camera is a big convincing point to use this product. You will also save lots of money in the long run by cleaning your own sensor instead of sending it in to the manufacturer. At a mere $29 with free shipping, there is no excuse not to have one.

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