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Proposed Federal Law May Turn Photo Industry Upside Down


(WASHINGTON D.C.) — A new proposed federal law may change the photo industry completely. According to sources in Washington D.C. a Massachusetts Senator has drafted a new bill regarding photographers and their operations.  We are all familiar with “fauxtographers” and “momtographers” and how they negatively impact the industry especially at a local level. What if I told you that it soon can be illegal for these “photographers” to operate? That’s exactly what’s going down in Washington.

Under this proposed bill, photographers will be required to apply for a license with their state. A specific set of minimal criteria would need to be met along with a basic test of technical knowledge. If the bill is passed by both houses, and moves onto to the next step, we can see some MAJOR changes to the photo industry.

I think the government is taking the right steps to better regulate a “contractor” type business. Just like other service based businesses are required to work under specific licenses, there should be no reason why photographers shouldn’t either. Restaurants need special food permits and licenses, construction companies need contractor licenses, and now hopefully photographers will need licenses. If passed, this will mean operating a photography business without a license is illegal. This could potentially rid the industry of those “photographers” who get a camera one day, and the next they are offering their services for dirt cheap.

Another perk is that clients will know immediately if the photographer they are looking at hiring is licensed to do so. Photographers will be required to display their license at the request of the client. Implementing this system is both beneficial to clients and extremely beneficial to photographers. It is time to get the word out about this potential legislation and get the professional photo industry behind it. Be sure to share this story and tell your friends!

UPDATE – Please be aware that this was posted as a spoof for April Fool’s Day. Though it may not be true, it does bring up a very valid argument within the photo industry. The views expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect my own. I do think that “momtogs” and “fauxtogs” negatively impact the industry more than we realize. Especially in my local area. In the last week alone, I have had 2 separate people who hired a “fauxtog” for their wedding and they ended up getting total crap for pictures and wanted me to try and “photoshop the pictures to make them look good“. No thanks. I don’t know if implementing some kind of license/permit system is right or even possible. At the same time, I think if consumers were more informed and knew to ALWAYS adequately research their potential photographers, than we wouldn’t have a lot of these types of issues. Yes, the article was not true, but the main reason I posted it was to get people talking. It is interesting to see all of the varying views and ideas. How do you feel about it?

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