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Anti-Gay Photographer’s Appeal Rejected


Washington-- The US Supreme Court on Monday refused to take up the case of an Anti-Gay New Mexico photographer who refused its photography services to a same-sex wedding. In August 2013, Elane Photography, lost their court case in the New Mexico Supreme Court after they refused to photograph a lesbian couple's wedding. They cited their […] Read More

Gear Review: Sony A7s (Alpha ILCE-7s)


Yesterday, Sony announced the new A7s. A full frame mirror less camera. Sony had already outdone themselves with the launch of the first full frame mirror less A7 and A7r cameras. Now packed with 4k video, the A7s is definitely an eye opener. But how does it compare to its competition? Check out the A7s […] Read More

A Photographer You Should Know: Joshua Malik

Joshua Malik

The first time I met Joshua we shared organic Mexican food, swapped stories of getting busted while in abandoned places, and went to a closed down factory to make photographs. I remember being so impressed that he had such a clear idea of who he was as an artist and he hadn't even started college […] Read More


I am always a huge fan of the work Aaron Nace does over at Phlearn. If you do not already know, Phlearn is a place to go for Photoshop and photography tutorials. Aaron puts together some free tutorials generally on a weekly basis but they also have "Pro" tutorials which are great for those needing […] Read More

Rokinon 85mm 1.4 Review


Four years ago, I was originally looking at purchasing a Nikon 85 1.4 as an addition to my lens line up. Of course when I first looked at the price I had "sticker shock". It was nearly as much as I paid for my beloved D700. I knew right away that there was no way […] Read More

ShootQ Promo Code – 50% Off


Hey guys, so I am sure a lot of you use ShootQ as your preferred studio management. If you are anything like me, you constantly look for a good deal, and when I found this ShootQ promo code, it solidified my decision to go with them. Though I am a quite a big fan of […] Read More


I am sure you will be just as astonished as I was when I first laid eyes on these images by Russian photographer, Katerina Plotnikova. The images portray a romantic, mythical, fairy-tale like world that brings your mind to a fascinating place. With the help of a few trainers, Katerina was able to capture breath-taking images […] Read More

Quick Tips to Using a Reflector


When asked what the most important element is in creating a great portrait, most photographers will always say light. Sure, having an engaging subject and an awesome location helps, but when it boils down to it, the light will make or break an image. One of the most versatile and inexpensive tools for manipulating light […] Read More


LensBaby is pretty popular throughout the photo industry for their array of creative lenses for DSLRs. I myself have personally used one a few times and really liked it. You can get some awesome shots with some of the lenses they offer. Recently, LensBaby announced a Kickstarter project for their newest addition, the LM-10 Sweet […] Read More


Check out this unbelievable new book, "Testament,” that showcases unseen images of war and writings by former Getty photographer Chris Hondros. Chris was tragically  killed while on assignment in Libya in 2011. Below is a small excerpt about the book. Testament is a collection of photographs and writing by late photojournalist Chris Hondros spanning over […] Read More