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Nikon D4s Release


Recently, the Nikon D4s was revealed at CES 2014. With that came much speculation about the Nikon D4s release date. So when can we expect to see this camera on the market?

The Nikon D4s will be the successor of the Nikon D4. The new D4s will boast an all new image processor bringing with it enhanced image quality. Thanks to the demand of sports and event shooters, the D4s will also be equipped with a superior autofocus technology never released before by Nikon. The D4s will become Nikon’s flagship DSLR with its unmatched lowlight performance and image quality.

Some of the rumored features we can expect to see in the Nikon D4s is:

  • Fine tunable white balance for perfect in-camera white balance
  • HD movie capability implementing 60 FPS/1080p
  • Improved time-lapse functionality, adjustable interval shutter at 1/6 stop.
  • MSRP: $5,996.95 USD

The Nikon D4s Release can be expected in early March. This is confirmed by Nikon who stated the D4s will be released prior to the The Photography Show in Birmingham which is March 1-4. Knowing this, we can expect shipment to start in mid March or early April. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get notice the moment the Nikon D4s is finally released.

We are looking forward to publishing the Nikon D4s sample images as soon as they are made available. This should be any time within the next couple weeks. There should also be a sample of the 60FPS/1080 HD video produced by the D4s.

The sell out risk of the D4s is nothing compared to the D800 which sold out in hours after its release. This is due to the price differences. The D4s is the highest priced of Nikon’s cameras and is aimed towards high end professionals. With that in mind, you should be able to grab one no problem as soon as they are released.

Are you going to be purchasing the Nikon D4s following its release? We would like to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

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