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LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone, A Must Have by LensBaby


LensBaby is pretty popular throughout the photo industry for their array of creative lenses for DSLRs. I myself have personally used one a few times and really liked it. You can get some awesome shots with some of the lenses they offer. Recently, LensBaby announced a Kickstarter project for their newest addition, the LM-10 Sweet Spot Lens for iPhone. This is their first creative lens dedicated to the iPhone. Excited? You should be!

I could sit here and tell you all about it but I do not think it would do it justice. Check out the lens in action below.

One thing I really like about the LensBaby LM-10 Sweet Spot lens for iPhone is that you can change the “sweet spot” through the free app. This is pretty neat. I gotta admit that I do not even own any iPhone lens accessories. I have tried some in the past but was never really impressed much. This is more my style. Something easy to use that you can get some super creative shots with.

photos by ben hutchinson taken with 2x telephoto accessory lensphotos by ben hutchinson taken with 2x telephoto accessory lens

The only concern I have is the fact the lens attaches to the camera via a magnet. What if you accidentally tap it on something or your finger hits it. Is it strong enough that it won’t fall off? I would hate to get one and have something like that happen. In their Kickstarter campaign they mention, “The magnets on the front and back of our lens are twice as thick and strong as the magnets on other magnetic accessory lenses. ” So I assume they have taken this into consideration. I guess I will find out how strong it actually when I get one in August.

Check out this cool evolution of the early prototypes to the current prototype. 9cf1cb9cc53d1e97a5b6090088806a4b_large

LensBaby is looking to raise $20,000 to help Kickstart the final development process of the lens. They will surely raise this, if not double or triple it. Though all of the early bird discount pledges have been claimed, you can still get your hands on one for $50. Be sure to check out the higher pledge levels that offer some additional items. Check out their Kickstarter project here.

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