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How To: Increase Your Facebook Engagement Over 200%


Have you taken a look at a competitors Facebook page and saw that maybe one of their posts got a TON of interaction? Believe it or not, there is science behind it. And thanks to the information below, you can have posts like that too.

Facebook is probably thee single biggest marketing tool among photographers. In fact, some photographers rely solely on Facebook and it’s power of referrals for their business. With almost 2 billion people on Facebook its no wonder the social media empire is an essential tool for businesses.

Photographers have a huge advantage over other businesses when it comes to engagement on Facebook. People enjoy more positive posts and happy content. Most portrait and wedding photographers are gonna be posting images that appeal to people in a positive sense. Another awesome sauce fact is that Facebook posts with pictures get 39% more engagement then text only posts. This is a MASSIVE advantage since 90% or more of our postings are our product, photography.

Do you ever see photographers posting two pictures and asking their fans which one they like more? Well here is a mind blower for you. Posting a side by side image of a picture you processed two different ways and asking your audience which one they prefer will statistically get 135% MORE engagement. This obviously doesn’t mean that every single post you make should be of this style.

One thing I did for a long time and I see a lot of photographer doing now-a-days is posting quotes along with their images. Quotes are a massively shared type of content and people love them. Adding a quote to your photos when you post them will dramatically increase your followers engagement.

One of the biggest factors I take into consideration before posting an image is the day and the time of day. Posting images later in the week and in mid to late afternoon will increase post engagement. Thanks to improvements to Facebook you can actually schedule posts to be posted at these times. This makes it extremely easy to reach the maximum number of people without having to be at the computer all of the time. I also try not to post mroe then once a day. This is hard for some people. But spreading your posts out will bring in a lot more traffic to your page.

Take a look at the info graphic below which highlights some of the things mentioned above and puts them into an easy to read format.

How to Increase Your Facebook Engagement by 275%
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Implementing a number of these techniques will drastically increase your post engagement on Facebook. The more engagement on your work, the more clients you will book. Statistics do not lie. Try combining a few of these techniques in your blog posts for a week and then go back through and see just how much more interaction there was on your posts then before. Quit thinking you need to pay for Facebook Ads. These techniques are FREE and just as effective!

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