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Godox V860ii / Cheetah 860X Review


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On May 9, 2016
Last modified:May 9, 2016


Overall, this is one of the most convenient out of the box and well priced flash systems we have sued to date. We are looking forward to diving into these unites further!

Godox recently announced the V860ii Speedlite (Same a Cheetah 860X) for multiple camera systems. Below is a brief overview of the NEW flash system including a fairly in-depth review by photographer, Tony Hoffer.


This system full supports TTL over the 3 major camera systems.

The V860IIC applies to Canon EOS camera and is compatible with E-TTL II autoflash.
The V860IIN applies to Nikon DSLR cameras and is compatible with the i-TTL autoflash.
The V860IIS applies to Sony DSLR cameras and is compatible with TTL autoflash.

In addition to the above, these speedlites have the ability to also perform in manual and operate in high speed sync up to 1/8000 of a second. All of the basic features including flash compensation, exposure lock, rear curtain sync, and modeling flash are available as well.


Trigger System

One of my favorite parts, these speedlites have a built in Godox 2.4G Wireless X System. This optical transmission with illumination output makes triggering the light off camera a breeze. This wireless trigger system is good up to 100meter at least.

The system also include a mast an slave flash which can trigger other various speedlites within your camera system. For example, Canon users will be able to adequately communicate with the 600EX-RT, 580EX II, and more. Nikon user will be able to communicate with the SB-900 and SB-910. Sony also has several units it is compatible with. This makes it easy to integrate this system into your already establish setup.

Power in Lithium

By far the best feature of this system is the Li-on battery. The max recycle time is only 1.5secs at full power. This is a heck of a lot faster than any of my personal speedlites using Eneloops. The 2,000 mAh batteries will absolutely guaranty an unprecedented amount of performance during shooting. Thus far, I have been beyond impressed.Products_Camera_Flash_V860II_06


WxHxD:64 *76*190 mm
Weight wthout batlery:430g
Weight wth ballery:540g

Power supply
Power source:11.1V/2000mAh LI-ion potymer batlory
Recycle time: Full power flashes:Approx.650
Power saving:Power off autornatically after approx.90 seconds of klle operation. (60 rinules it set as slave)
Sync triggening Mode:Hotshoe.2.5mm sync line.Weeloss control port
Color temperature:5600+_200k

Wireless flash(Optic transmission and 2.4G transmission)
Wireless flash function:Master.Slave.Off
Controllable slave groups:3 (A, B. and C)

Channels:Optical:4(1.2,3.and 4)

Slave-ready indicator:Two reed indlicators plink
Modeling flash:Fired with camera’s depth-of-field preview button
Indoors: 121o 15 m 139.4 to 49.2 fl.
Outdoors: 8 to 10 m 126.21o 32.8 ft.

Exposure control system:E-TTL II autoflash and manual flash/i-TTL autofash and manual flash/TTL autotlash and manual

Flash exposure compensation(FEC)Manual.FEB:+_3 slops in 1/3 stop incroments(Manual FEC and FEB can be carnbined, V86011S do not have FEB function.
Sync mode:High-speed sync (up to 118000 seconds), first-curtain sync, and second-curtain sync
Multi flash:Provided(up to 100 times, 199HZ)Provided (up to 90 times, 10OHa)

Guide No.60 (m ISO 100)
190(feet ISO 100)
Flash Coverage:20 to 200mm (14mm with wide panel)
Atrto zoom (Flash coverage set automatically to match the fens focal length and image size
Manual zoom
Swinging/billing flash head (bounce Hash): 0 to 360 degree
horizontally and -7 degree to 90 degree vertically
Flash Duration:1/300 to 1/20000 seconds
Package contains:
1 * Godox V860II Flash SpeedliteV860II Flash Speedlite


Where to buy?

Nikon – Amazon for $199.99
Canon – Amazon for $199.99
Sony – Amazon for $199.99



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