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First Glimpse: Sony’s Full Frame Curved Sensor


Pictured above is the first image of the innovative curved CMOS sensor by Sony. Pretty cool, right? The sensor is bent using a custom built machine  and then is reinforced with ceramic to maintain its shape. Even more interesting is the fact the sensor is bent to the same curvature as the inner human eye.

What are the advantages of a curved sensor?  

sony-curved-sensorBelieve it or not there are actually several benefits to a curved sensor that the average person would have never guessed. Thanks to the geometrics of a curved sensor, cameras would be able to handle flatter lenses and a lot larger apertures. This will also relieve the need for modern lenses to include extra lenses to correct vignetting, distortion, and chromatic aberration. The curved sensors are 1.4 times more sensitive at the center of the sensor and twice as sensitive at the perimeters.

Though this is the first picture online we have seen of the curved sensor, Sony had actually presented two at Symposia 2014. These two curved sensors included a 43mm for full frame DLSRs and a small 11mm for mobile devices.

What camera will be equipped with it?

Rumor has it that the first camera to pack the awesome curved sensor will be the RX2. This is a good choice for Sony since this sensor will need a dedicated lens design and lens system that are currently not available right now. 

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[Via: IEEE Spectrum]
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