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Epson XP-310 Review

Review of: Epson XP-310

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On April 22, 2014
Last modified:November 14, 2014


I don't think you will find a better printer for this price. In order to get these awesome functions and quality you would have to spend much more. Go for the gold and grab one of these. After all, they are a dime a dozen compared to other photo printers.

Designated photo printers like the Epson XP-310 have become a huge asset to consumers in recent years. Previously, Canon was one of the only companies to offer a newer dedicated inkjet photo printer. Most companies offer dye-sub printers for photos which tend to be extremely expensive and not a smart option for the average consumer. Fortunately though the XP-310 is capable enough to produce some great quality prints.

In a lot of ways, the Epson XP-310 is one of the best deals you can get on Amazon for a printer, especially when compared to Canon equivalents. The Epson is extremely portable, connects to computers via USB 2.0 or Wi-Fi, can print from mobile devices, and also has the ability to print from flash drives, memory cards, etc. It is also very cheap as far as paper and ink is concerned compared to other models.

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The small size of this unit makes it ideal for portability. If you are an on-location photographer and are doing events or something similar, this printer can be your most beneficial asset. I have a friend who has even used this model for his photo booth which is required to print out a 4×6″ picture every 1-2 minutes for 3 hours straight. That proves right there the efficiency this product has.Epson-XP-310-wifi

Easy To Use

The user interface of the Epson XP-310 is awesome. It is definitely built with simplicity in mind. Most printers have such small screens that are hard to navigate. However, this printer has almost a 2 inch screen which makes it very easy to navigate through menus and various tasks associated with printing.

WiFi Enabled

The XP-310’s ability to print via Wi-Fi makes it soar above it’s competition. Thanks to the smart technology built into Epson connect, it is able to easily print from iPad, iPhone, tablets and almost all smartphones. This makes it ideal for people always on the go and accessing files from their mobile devices. Epson also offers a free mobile app for iPhone and iPad users that seamlessly integrates their printer’s functions.

The setup of the printer could not be easier. I have sat around with my previous Brother printer for over 2 hours trying to get it setup. The Epson XP-310 took me only 15 minutes to get everything setup and to start printing. All you really need to do is setup your wireless network and everything is good to go.


Even though this unit is a dedicated photo printer, it can easily handle full 8.5″x11.5″ paper sizes. Whether you are printing photos or printing a type report, this printer can handle it all no problem.

Epson-XP-310-sampleThe scanning function is also extremely beneficial. A lot of photo printers do not include this function. There are a couple ways to scan with this model. You can use the screen on the printer for a speedy copy directly to your PC as either JPEG or PDF. You can even scan directly to your Outlook e-mail account.


One of the reason I really enjoy this printer is because it is Wi-fi enabled. Given the cost, this is one heck of a printer to have for photos. Epson seems to never disappoint me with their printers. Especially this model. The speed and quality of the printer is excellent for the price. I can guarantee for $59 you won’t find anything better. All of these factors make the Epson XP-310 a very reasonable choice for a dedicated photo printer or for documents. Especially if you are looking for something affordable and small. You can not go wrong with this unit.

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