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The iPhone 7 Plus: Why does it have two cameras?


As expected, people seem to be going crazy over the new iPhone 7 Plus. As photographers, one of the biggest appeals is its upgraded camera with the ability to create beautiful bokeh and an incredible zoom. But why does it have two cameras? There's much more behind "the lens" than one would think. Here's a […] Read More

Aspiring Model Gets Hit In The Face With a Drone

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 7.28.08 PM

Here's how brutal it is to break into the biz -- an aspiring model/actress is lucky she still has eyes, ears and a nose after a 4-prop drone smashed into her face during a photo shoot. Jess Adams was helping a photographer friend Saturday with a clothing shoot in Malibu. Jess, who's appeared on "Community," says […] Read More

Photographer destroys historic Monroe Station


A photography stunt is blamed for a fire that destroyed a Collier County landmark. The historic Monroe Station burned to the ground April 9. Officials with Big Cypress National Preserve said Monday that they had a person of interest within 48 hours after the blaze, and he confessed to climbing atop the building to conduct […] Read More

Deal Alert: 70% Off SanDisk Memory Cards


Gotta love when you find a great deal, and Amazon is always one to deliver. Today (and probably tomorrow) they are having a killer deal on SanDisk Memory Cards. Most cards are between 60-70% off which results in massive savings. With prime wedding season for the most of us just around the corner, this would […] Read More


From the 1950s to the 1980s, Paris was booming. Foreign migration and urbanisation of the city caused a huge surge in population and a crisis for housing. France’s solution came in the form of vast housing projects and so during this period massive, modernist and really quite unique estates sprung up across the city — aiming […] Read More

Amazon Prime Photos – Free Unlimited Photo Storage


I do not know about you guys, but Amazon Prime is probably my favorite online service. I use it to get free two-day shipping, free movies & shows, free music streaming, the list goes on and on. Today, as a photographer, I am super excited. Why? They have announced Amazon Prime Photos: a cloud drive […] Read More

When a Squirrel Tries To Steal a Photographer’s Pumpkins…


Well known british photographer Max Ellis is an expert when it comes to photographing squirrels in a staged shot. This isn't the first time Max has setup several scenes for his furry friends outside. Obviously, a squirrel wouldn't be able to carry a pumpkin. Max actually suspends them with fishing line. There is no editing […] Read More

Nikon D810 Announced


Nikon has officially announced the D810, the successor to the D800/D800E. A camera which seems to be a nice combination of the D800 and D800E plus some additional improvements. A 36.3 CMOS sensor, an expanded ISO range from 64 to 12,800 (LOW 1: 32 & H2: 51,200).The camera is also equipped with an expeed 4 […] Read More

First Glimpse: Sony’s Full Frame Curved Sensor


Pictured above is the first image of the innovative curved CMOS sensor by Sony. Pretty cool, right? The sensor is bent using a custom built machine  and then is reinforced with ceramic to maintain its shape. Even more interesting is the fact the sensor is bent to the same curvature as the inner human eye. […] Read More


If you are in some way a part of the photo industry then you know about Fstoppers, and I sure hope you know about Peter Hurley. I have always been a big fan of both. FS has produced several tutorials I have enjoyed over the last couple years. A few include; How To Become a Professional Commercial […] Read More