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Godox V860ii / Cheetah 860X Review


Godox recently announced the V860ii Speedlite (Same a Cheetah 860X) for multiple camera systems. Below is a brief overview of the NEW flash system including a fairly in-depth review by photographer, Tony Hoffer. This system full supports TTL over the 3 major camera systems. The V860IIC applies to Canon EOS camera and is compatible with […] Read More

Sony DSC W830 Camera Review


The Sony DSC W830 is a great little camera to carry around for many uses. One who would need a camera that is easy to use would find this product extremely appealing. The convenience of having a small compact camera while getting great images is an amenity you will love. If you are looking to upgrade […] Read More

Amazon’s NEW Fire Phone has an Incredible Camera


Today, Amazon officially announced its first ever cellphone, the Fire Phone. The phone is packed with so many features it is hard to name them all. I definitely suggest taking a look at it, if you haven't already. One of the features I am most intrigued by is its camera system. Check out the camera […] Read More

Handevision IBELUX 40mm f/0.85 Review


Introducing the fastest mirrorless camera lens in the world, the Handevision IBELUX 40mm f/0.85. Mirrorless shooters are going to be pretty stoked about this gem. Currently available for purchase, (you can see more info here) this new ultra fast lens is the brainchild of a partnership between a Chinese manufacturer and a German optical design […] Read More

Fstoppers Flash Disc Review


When I first saw the Fstoppers Flash Disc I was immediately intrigued. It seemed like a great concept and the portability and ease of use could really come in handy.  I went ahead and split the cost with a fellow photographer since they are $50 for two and I would only be needing one. So […] Read More

Gear Review: Sony A7s (Alpha ILCE-7s)


Yesterday, Sony announced the new A7s. A full frame mirror less camera. Sony had already outdone themselves with the launch of the first full frame mirror less A7 and A7r cameras. Now packed with 4k video, the A7s is definitely an eye opener. But how does it compare to its competition? Check out the A7s […] Read More

Rokinon 85mm 1.4 Review


Four years ago, I was originally looking at purchasing a Nikon 85 1.4 as an addition to my lens line up. Of course when I first looked at the price I had "sticker shock". It was nearly as much as I paid for my beloved D700. I knew right away that there was no way […] Read More

ShootQ Promo Code – 50% Off


Hey guys, so I am sure a lot of you use ShootQ as your preferred studio management. If you are anything like me, you constantly look for a good deal, and when I found this ShootQ promo code, it solidified my decision to go with them. Though I am a quite a big fan of […] Read More


LensBaby is pretty popular throughout the photo industry for their array of creative lenses for DSLRs. I myself have personally used one a few times and really liked it. You can get some awesome shots with some of the lenses they offer. Recently, LensBaby announced a Kickstarter project for their newest addition, the LM-10 Sweet […] Read More


On March 31st, Go Pro announced the addition of several new accessories as well as a software update. The additions include two new housings, a flexible mount, and a dual camera system for the GoPro Hero 3 & 3+ models. I have always loved GoPros and their ability to capture great video in so many […] Read More