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Shootproof Promo Code


There is nothing better than saving money. That is why I decided to share this exclusive Shootproof Promo Code with you guys! For those of you who aren't familiar with this service, I have decided to give a brief explanation below. Shootproof is a way for photographers to sell, print, and share their photographs from all […] Read More

ShootQ Promo Code – 50% Off


Hey guys, so I am sure a lot of you use ShootQ as your preferred studio management. If you are anything like me, you constantly look for a good deal, and when I found this ShootQ promo code, it solidified my decision to go with them. Though I am a quite a big fan of […] Read More

One SEO Technique Every Photographer Should Ignore


In the world of SEO there are countless techniques to get ahead of competition in search results. SEO is an ever evolving thing and constant updates to search engine's algorithms make keeping up with white hat SEO (ethically right) strategies somewhat difficult. One thing I see a lot in the photo industry is photographers over […] Read More

3 Free Alternatives to Facebook Marketing


With the recent news of Facebook restricting the organic reach of businesses pages to only about 1-2% of their audience, you may be left wondering: "What now?" If you are anything like me, Facebook has been a huge part of your marketing plan and gaining new clients. With this news though I was personally not […] Read More

Your Slow WordPress Site is Killing Your Google Rankings


Your slow Wordpress site could be causing you to lose business. A lot of people do not realize that Google now takes the speed of your website in as a factor when it comes to ranking webpages in search results. In 2010 Google announced this new practice and basically said that they saw a trend […] Read More

How To: Increase Your Facebook Engagement Over 200%


Have you taken a look at a competitors Facebook page and saw that maybe one of their posts got a TON of interaction? Believe it or not, there is science behind it. And thanks to the information below, you can have posts like that too. Facebook is probably thee single biggest marketing tool among photographers. […] Read More

Social Media Meta Tags: Why You Should Use Them


Believe it or not, there is such a thing as social media meta tags. And no, they are not useless. Most of you probably know that meta information is data embedded on your site for use by search engines, web browsers, and various other online services. The use of meta data makes it extremely easy […] Read More

10 Tax Deductions For Photographers


Well, it is that time of year again. The one we all know and love as Tax Time. As photographers, it is especially important to take full advantage of tax deductions. Educating yourself about these deductions is probably thee most important tool you can have when it comes time to file. Be sure that you […] Read More

How-To: Setup A Professional Email Address Through Gmail


I think we have all done it at some point; Used an email address like myphotographybusiness@hotmail.com. Am I right? Well, it obviously looks a lot less professional than we would like. Clients generally would be more attracted to an email address like info@myphotography.com as it not only looks more professional, but it is also easier […] Read More