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Amazon’s NEW Fire Phone has an Incredible Camera


Today, Amazon officially announced its first ever cellphone, the Fire Phone. The phone is packed with so many features it is hard to name them all. I definitely suggest taking a look at it, if you haven’t already. One of the features I am most intrigued by is its camera system. Check out the camera system’s specs below.

13 Mega-Pixels and Image Stabilization
The Fire Phone features a custom-tuned 13 megapixel camera system, with a fast five-element wide aperturef/2.0 lens for crisp, beautiful images. With optical image stabilization, Fire phone keeps the shutter open up to four times longer for stunning shots, even in low light conditions.

Full 1080P HD Video
We are beginning to see a trend in mobile devices having the ability to capture 1080P HD video. The Fire Phone is no different. Unlike similar devices, the Fire Phone can actually record at 30FPS from both the front and rear cameras.

Quick Trigger Camera Button
With my iPhone 4s, if you want to take a picture when your phone screen is off then you have to turn it on and then slide up the menu and select the camera. With the Fire Phone, you can now initiate the camera with the swift click of a button located on the side (as pictured below).


FREE Unlimited Cloud Storage
I know we all have possibly run into the issue where you have to delete pictures before you can take another due to your storage being full. Amazon has decided to face this problem head on by offering free unlimited cloud storage to store all of your HD videos and pictures so you never have to worry about deleting things again. A feature that is by far one of my absolute favorites! I am constantly trying to free up space on my iPhone so I can take more video and pictures. The Fire Phone can also automatically back-up your files to a cloud drive that can be accessed via other devices.


Panorama, lenticular, and burst capture
Capture even the widest scene with the panorama setting, hold down the shutter button to capture a burst of shots in a fast-moving scene, or combine multiple images in lenticular mode.

Innovative HDR Capability
HDR still seems to be a pretty big fad. Kinda like the iPhone, the Fire Phone automatically suggests when to turn on High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR merges multiple exposures into a more detailed, vibrant images.

As you can see, the camera system is definitely worth mentioning. I am curious to see how the phone will perform overall in the cellular market over the next few months. With every new operating system, we can expect some issues and a few other negative things like a lack of apps. For more info about the phone, please visit the product page on Amazon.

How do you feel about the Amazon Fire Phone and it’s features? We would love to hear your comments in the section below!

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