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A Photographer You Should Know: Erin Watson


I honestly could not think of anyone better to highlight for the first post of our “A Photographer You Should Know” series than my dear friend, Erin Watson. Erin is someone who I look to when I need advice surrounding photography and someone I owe so much to. Specializing in boudoir, seniors, and urban exploring, Erin is one of those photographers who knocks it out of the park with their unique style. She does so with confidence, truth, and beauty every single time.

Erin, what are some highlights of your career?

There have been many rewarding moments in my photography career so far. I feel honored every time a client chooses me to be their photographer or buys a piece of my art to hang on their wall. Being able to help women regain their confidence through my boudoir photography is huge for me, nothing beats the looks on a woman’s face when she realizes how beautiful she truly is. When it comes to my abandoned art, I love all of the places I’ve been able to photograph, but getting to shoot the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans was pretty amazing.

What inspires you?

Vulnerability, in both people and places. Dreams, nightmares, things that are unknown. I’m inspired by history and by people’s stories. I love when my clients aren’t afraid to show me their authentic selves.

Erin is also a new writer here on Photography Finds and you can look forward to seeing lots of great content from her in the future. Check out some of Erin’s images below.

Follow Erin on Facebook, Flickr, or Twitter to see her amazing work.


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