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A 319-Key Keyboard for Photoshop: Shortcut-S


I bet you don’t realize how much time you waste editing just by having to use keyboard shortcuts or navigating menus in Photoshop, did you? Thanks to Sorin Neica, there is now a keyboard dedicated to shortcuts that can cut down your photoshop time by 30%.

The Shortcut-S is a specially designed keyboard consisting of 319 keys for professionals and beginners alike. The keyboard works by using overlays for specific programs. They plan to have the keyboard functioning for programs like Corel Draw ®, Adobe ®,Premiere®, Adobe® Illustrator®, Final Cut®,Lightroom®, and more. Basically any editing software. The color coded keyboard makes it super easy to find specific tasks you want to perform inside your editing software. The 319 keys consist of 372 functions within the program. Check out some of the functions below:


You can back the Shortcut-S project on Kickstarter and be one of the first in the world to own one of these bad boys for only $89. The price point I think is perfect and well worth it. If you are a huge fan, you can back the project with a $9,000.00 pledge and get a trip to Transylvania, only a few mins from Dracula’s castle, and Sorin will personally teach you how to use the unit. Now that sounds like a “bloody” good time!


The Shortcut-S fills a void in the photo industry. Other industries have their own specialty keyboards to increase speed of operation so it is nice to see one finally coming together for photographers. I would personally like to get my hands on of these to test it out. I think it can be very beneficial to any Photoshop user. One of the aspects I like most is you can operate it with one finger and never have to take your hand off of the mouse.

What do you think about the Shortcut-S? Do you think it is a beneficial piece of equipment that every photographer should own? Would you buy one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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