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3 Reasons NOT to Buy Fstopper’s: Illuminating The Face with Peter Hurley


If you are in some way a part of the photo industry then you know about Fstoppers, and I sure hope you know about Peter Hurley. I have always been a big fan of both. FS has produced several tutorials I have enjoyed over the last couple years. A few include; How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer and The Art behind The Headshot with Peter Hurley. Most recently, they have released Illuminating The Face with Peter Hurley. This is basically a continuation of The Art behind The Headshot where you learned how to coach your clients in front of the camera and make people look their best. In this new tutorial, you will now learn the technical skills needed to light your subjects flawlessly. I was pretty excited at first. However, after I watched the promo video and read the full description, my excitement quickly changed. Below are 3 Reasons NOT to buy Fstopper’s: Illuminating The Face with Peter Hurley.

  1. Do NOT buy this if you do not want to take your lighting knowledge to the next level of greatness.
  2. If you think professional photographers are just all talk and no skill, do NOT get this.
  3. If you are Peter Hurley, you should NOT buy this. You already know everything in the tutorial.

Like I previously said, I was excited about this new tutorial but then I watched the promo and read the description. Now, I am super excited. You should be too. If you haven’t already, head on over to Fstoppers to get yourself a copy. It is one of the best investments you could make into growing your skills and business. They are also running a cool deal if you have not purchased The Art behind The Headshot and wish to have that AND the new tutorial. $400 for the both of them. I would highly suggest grabbing this deal while it is available.

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